Do Kids Need Chiropractic?

Nearly every Chiropractor in the world checks and adjusts their own childrens’ spines on a regular basis. Current science and research prove that providing care for a child’s spine and nervous system on a regular basis proves to be one of the most important and necessary strategies a parent can implement for their family’s health. Chiropractors work tirelessly to educate the public about the supreme role of the nervous system in achieving optimal bodily function. Great health requires a healthy spine. Chiropractic adjustments directly influence the health and quality function of the entire body through spinal mobility and alignment.

A 1992 study proved the birth process to be one of the most physically traumatic events a person will encounter in their lifetime. Evidence from the study revealed that the majority of newborns suffer micro-trauma to brain stem tissues. The research noted that harmful physical trauma during the birth process causes misalignment of the upper neck area. The subtle misalignment creates a disturbance to normal nervous system function. The authors studied six hundred children under the age of two years old and found some form of asymmetry of posture, alignment, and/or movement in every infant assessed.
Signs and symptoms attributed directly to interference in the nervous system included breastfeeding difficulties, torticollis, sleeping disorders, loss of appetite, feet deformities, swelling of the face/head, fever of unknown origin, extreme sensitivity of the neck, and parents concerned with their child’s feeding habits. These findings substantiating many other similar studies conducted on adults and babies suffering from upper neck syndromes (called vertebral subluxation) that often exhibited no outward signs or symptoms. The majority of vertebral subluxations occur with no symptoms. Achieving optimal health requires specific testing provided by Chiropractors specifically educated and trained to make corrections necessary for children and adults to thrive.

Studies continue to prove the message Chiropractors have been spreading for over 120 years. All infants, children, and adults deserve to hear the truth about the beneficial link that comes from life lived with properly aligned and mobile spine. Chiropractors believe health care should involve proactive education and care that does not involve unnecessary drugs and surgery. Regular Chiropractic care removes spinal misalignments and asymmetries that inevitably cause dysfunction and dis-ease.

The 1992 study affirmed what Chiropractic research began teaching over a century ago. Doctors should check all children for restricted movement of the head and increased pain sensitivity of the upper cervical spine. Pediatricians and parents alike often remain unaware of this research and receive very little training or guidance on necessary steps required to assess and cultivate an infant’s healthy spine and nervous system.
Chiropractic does not simply help reduce or eliminate pain. Chiropractors pursue the optimization of body function in every individual by proactively unlocking the body’s innate potential to prevent pain and disease from ever occurring. An adjustment empowers the nervous system to operate as intended. Health care exists not just when pain subsides but when abundant life flows freely through the body.

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“Kinematic Imbalances Due To Suboccipital Strain in Newborns.”
H. Biedermann

Cooking for Two: Cheap and Healthy Meals for You and Your Boo

Cooking for Two: 34 Cheap and Healthy Meals for You and Your Boo!

 Valentine’s Day or not, cooking for two can be a tricky skill to master. While leftovers are practical, eating Crock Pot chili five nights in a row can get pretty old. These recipes—from breakfast and starters to dinner and dessert—are perfect to enjoy with your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, friend, or dog (… if your dog eats human food). Each meal is perfectly portioned for two, so grab a sous chef and get cooking!


1. Crab, Asparagus, and Avocado Omelet

This omelet kills it with the presentation. It’s stuffed with fresh lump crabmeat, asparagus, and tomato, then topped with avocado slices and an ample amount of hot sauce. It’s so good, you won’t even miss the cheese. If you don’t have fresh crab on hand (or you’re allergic to shellfish), try smoked salmon instead.omellete

2. Coconut Milk Scones With Rhubarb Compote

Decadent and sweet, this breakfast recipe is healthier than traditional scones and easily customizable for any palate. The vegan dough subs creamy coconut milk for butter and lemon zest infuses each bite. A homemade maple-rhubarb compote takes just minutes to sconesmake, but any jam or fresh fruit would pair well.

3. Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame

A Parisian staple, the Croque Monsier is basically a fancier, French version of grilled cheese, made with with Gruyere cheese, ham, and creamy béchamel sauce. When the sandwich is served with a poached egg on top, it’s called a Croque Madame. This recipe makes for a lighter final product, thanks to skim milk and half and half-based béchamel sauce.egg on toast

4. Minimalist Banana-Nut Muffins

Both hearty and healthy, this recipe produces two monster-sized vegan muffins made with wholesome ingredients. These babies get bonus nutrition points for the whole-wheat pastry flour, ground flaxseed, omega-3 rich walnuts, and half a banana in each muffin.banana

5. Rustic Cinnamon Rolls

Ditch the Pillsbury can and opt for DIY cinnamon rolls for two with a way healthier Greek yogurt icing. Crunchy outside and doughy inside, these honeyed breakfast treats taste like the sinful version but focus more on the cinnamon flavor than 12 sticks of butter or powdered sugar-based frosting.cinnamon-rolls-rustic-rough-wooden-table-festive-dessert-38910388

6. Asparagus Egg Bake

This recipe is perfect for when you’ve only got a few eggs on hand but could really go for something more than just scrambled or over easy. While just about any veggies would work, this bake sticks to asparagus and chives. Pair with whole-wheat English muffins to add a healthy dose of fiber to the meal.baked-eggs-asparagus-1-050513

7. Whole-Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Made with filling whole-wheat flour, these muffins will tide you over until lunchtime. Fresh or frozen blueberries—known for high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanins—keep the muffins

8. Veggie Tofu Scramble

With nearly 25 grams of protein per portion and nearly every veggie you’ve got hiding in the fridge, this scramble is a nutrition rock star. Though tofu may not be your cup of tea, cooking the budget-friendly protein source just like scrambled eggs is a great way to mask the funky texture while adding tons of flavor. Scramble it up with peppers, kale, and onions, top with avocado, and you’ve got yourself a lean, mean breakfast.7843341346_c60db2dfd3_c

9. Egg in a Heart

Simple and satisfying, this two-ingredient breakfast requires a couple of eggs, some whole-wheat bread, and a little creativity. Use a heart cookie cutter (or any other shape) to remove the middle of each slice, and then crack an egg in the opening. Leave it as is or top with avocado and tomato (8)


10. Salad Lyonnais

Nothing warms up a boring old salad like a fried egg and bacon. Top frisee (or any other salad green) with bacon strips, Dijon mustard, chives, a little salt and pepper, and an egg for a satisfying way to start your meal.SaladLyonnaise_2

11. Ratatouille for Two

Since ratatouille gained popularity after the 2007 Pixar movie of the same name, roasted veggies have never looked so good. This version layers thinly sliced vegetables—zucchini, squash, and eggplant—in a beautiful spiral design. To season, stick to the basics with dried herbs, olive oil, and salt and pepper.12193750456_691804522f_c

12. Barbecue Portobello Quesadillas

Smoky and sweet, these whole-wheat quesadillas have a lot more going for them than simply layering cheese between tortillas. A combination of barbecue sauce, tomato paste, vinegar, and chipotle chili pepper season cooked mushrooms and onion, while a little shredded Monterey Jack cheese holds it all together.MV6819

13. Pan-Seared Thai Tuna Salad

Prepare your taste buds, ‘cus it’s about to get spicy. This salad combines an Asian-inspired slaw of cucumber, cabbage, and carrots with pan-seared tuna. Fresh orange slices balance out the spiciness from Sriracha hot sauce.thai-tuna-ck-1880015-x

15. Taco Salad With Creamy Cilantro Dressing

This hearty salad easily qualifies as a main course. Both quinoa and beans provide protein, while avocado supplies healthy monounsaturated fat to help keep you fuller than most veggie-based salads.518c6c8974c5b627910000ec._w.540_s.fit_

16. Mini Caprese Salads                                                                                                            Served with a pesto-y dressing, this mini salad for two is actually made up of mini ingredients. That’s right: mini cherry tomatoes, tiny mozzarella balls, and itty-bitty basil leaves make for maximum cuteness.1 IMG_1028 (1)


17. Peanutty Quinoa Bowls

Topped with savory soy and maple baked tofu, these quinoa bowls get double the protein. A homemade peanut sauce goes on top with steamed broccoli, red pepper, chopped roasted peanuts, and freshly grated ginger.PeanuttyTofu_2

18. Sage-Brined Pork Chops With Brown Sugar Glaze

Thanks to a sage-infused brine and a sweet brown sugar glaze, these pork chops lock in juiciness and pack some serious flavor. Plan ahead on this one—you’ll need a few hours to let the pork brine (or marinate in a salt water solution to keep meat from drying out) in the refrigerator.50a9d040d9127e1d59001985._w.540_h.540_s.fit_

19. Whiskey-Glazed Salmon With Mango Habanero Chutney

With multiple uses for a bottle of Jack Daniels—from treating the symptoms of a head cold to brushing one’s teeth—it just feels right to marinate salmon for a sweet and smoky glaze. Top the meal with an easy mango habanero chutney.IMG_4559

20. Super Simple Lemon-Rosemary Chicken

With just six ingredients (five of which you likely have in the pantry already) this easy date night dish is a cinch. Skip the skins if you’d like to tone down both calorie and sodium intake.  lemon-rosemary-chicken

21. Sautéed Beef With Onions Over Creamy Polenta

This quick, homey meal is perfect for when it’s chilly out. Lemon- and garlic-marinated strips of beef and red onion compliment polenta—or cornmeal cooked into a comforting, porridge-like consistency.

Beef Stir Fry over Polenta

22. Seared Shrimp Vindaloo With Vegetables

With carrots, broccoli, onions, garlic, wilted kale, and collard greens, this dinner blends just about every veggie from the produce drawer. Shrimp and vindaloo seasoning—a mix of turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cayenne, and other spices—finish off the meal.vind8-537x800

23. Chicken Caprese

While we’ve got a Caprese salad on this list, this is a much more substantial version with baked chicken as the base. Thick slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella, halved cherry tomatoes, and chopped basil make for a light, Italian-inspired meal.Caprese-Chicken-1-sm

25. Broccoli, Brie, and Walnut Rotini

This rich dish combines walnuts, broccoli, and creamy brie cheese. It can be customized with whatever nuts or veggies you prefer. With only five ingredients and a combined prep and cook time of just 15 minutes, this meal is as uncomplicated as it gets.broccolibriewalnutrotini

26. Mediterranean Stuffed Red Peppers

While traditional stuffed peppers have a ground meat filling, this version uses the super grain bulgur (which has more fiber per cup than quinoa, oats, millet, buckwheat, and corn). Feta, mint, pine nuts, and fennel bring Mediterranean flavors to the dish.IMG_9715


27. Cardamom Almond Pear Crisps

A couple of ramekins, a couple of pears, and you’ve got yourselves two perfectly portioned desserts. These crisps are vegan, flourless, low in sugar, and gluten-free. The oat– and almond-based topping is nutty and sweet with just a touch of maple syrup.IMG_8048

28. Healthier Individual Carrot Cakes

Grain-free and nut-free, these cute cakes are made of two unconventional but healthy flours: chickpea and sunflower. To achieve the classic carrot cake flavor profile, the recipe includes carrots, raisins, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. The sweet but tangy frosting is made up of goat cheese and maple syrup.c55

29. “Fried” Ice Cream

So the “fried” part of this dessert is a bit of a fib. While this ice cream has all the traditional ingredients necessary for the fried version, there’s no giant vat of hot oil (or messy melting for that matter). Just scoop your favorite flavor into balls then coat them in the Corn Flake crumb mixture. Drizzle with warm chocolate sauce and you’ve got yourself an easy, decadent, and slightly healthier way to end a meal.FriedIceCream1finalforsite

30. Vanilla Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

These cupcakes are just 160 calories a pop. Do you really need more convincing? With unsweetened applesauce in the batter and a lightened lemon cream cheese frosting, there’s no lack of flavor. Top with a few fresh blueberries or blackberries and you’ve got the perfect package.


31. Espresso Brownies

For those times you’d rather not whip up a full batch of brownies, this recipe makes just two in record time. A teaspoon of espresso powder adds an element of surprise and intensifies the chocolaty flavor.