Chiropractic Helps Athletes recovery and can improve performance – Case study 1 of 14

Weekly we will be bring you case studies and on how Chiropractic services can help you in every day and life.

“Importantly we practice prevention not cure, don’t wait until pain strikes. “Sports pain

Case Study 1

Chiropractic Helps Athletes Recover from Ankle Injury

Prescott AZ ChiropractorMany professional and amateur athletes depend on chiropractic care to improve performance and assist in recovery. For instance, Usan Bolt never travels without his Chiropractor on toe to assist and get him ready to race and over 100 chiropractors were at the London Olympic games to work with GB athletes. Professionals know that chiropractic works, and we see that everyday in our Bedford Clinic

A small trial study from Sweden confirms this by working with 19 female handball players who were recovering from an ankle injury. The athletes were randomly assigned to receive either chiropractic adjustments or a sham treatment for three weeks. By the end of treatment, the chiropractic patients had significantly better improvements in vertical jumping height.

Although further research is warranted to expand on these findings, the preliminary results show that chiropractic plays a role in recovering from ankle injuries, which is the source of most sports injuries.

If you’re suffering from a nagging sports injury or you just want to perform better, try chiropractic care. Give our Clinic in Bedford a call today at 01234 353937 for an appointment.


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