Exciting new services at Bedford Chiropractic Clinic

NEW  NEW  Remo Lella has Arrived to Bedford NEW NEW  

Remo is a highly qualified specialising to the dizzy NVQ5 level.
As a fully qualified massage therapist with over 10 years experience in the industry, he

Remo and Surinder

Remo and Surinder

is able to treat a variety of pains and injuries to compliment Dr Sandhu’s Chiropractic skills at the Clinic.

Remo’s treatment are ideal for an sports people training and needing to aid recovery. Hard working people with the need to break the stresses of everyday and we do not just the employed type. A great treat for Mum’s at home or a carer who helps you everyday.

As its also Arthritis awareness week, Remo’s treatments are an excellent choice to help soothe  the aching limbs and joins.

Remo Skills and treatment list is comprehensive and he will be bring them the Clinic as of now.

Remo can assist  relief of Athritis

Remo can assist the        relief of Arthritis

  • Reiki
  • Healing Touch Therapies
  • Reflexology
  • Sports Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Anti- Stress Massage
  • Qigong
    Qigong, chi kung, or chi gung, chi gong; literally: “Life Energy Cultivation”) is a practice of aligning body, breath, and mind for health, meditation, and martial arts training.
    Remo is very excited about joining Bedford Chiropractic Clinic that he offering a taster session for you for only £10. Only if you quote RLOCT14SS.
                                            Available until 28th Oct 14.  

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