10 Tips to Avoid Back Pain

If you are currently suffering, think about which of these tips you aren’t already following and try them!
If in an doubt contact Bedford Chiropractic clinic and come and see us !

  • Back Pain Tip 1.       Eat & drink properlygood-diet-food

A proper diet is essential to good spinal and general health.  Avoid processed foods and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Too much fatty food can cause blocking of the arteries which can hinder the body’s ability to deal with infection.

Make sure you drink plenty of water – around 8 glasses a day – and avoid drinking too much tea, coffee and alcohol. Do have the odd bad day just don’t let it be everyday.

  • Back Pain Tip 2.      Exercise sensiblywoman-walking-outside

Regular exercise is vital to maintain a healthy spine and heart.  Exercise which raises your pulse for around 20-30 minutes each day will help keep your heart healthy and help strengthen the muscles protecting your spine and thus avoid back pain.
Start by walking 10 mins every other day and add 5 mins a week.

Remember the BIGGEST tip and can give you is to look after your back is good shoes and arch support. Come and see us and we can see what needs to be done before the damage happens.


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