Robin Williams’ Depression And Tragic Death Might Have Been Avoided


“There are few gifts as precious as the gift of laughter. And for millions, Robin Williams gave just that.

After I read so many articles about his depression and subsequent suicide, I felt compelled to write about how Robin Williams’ depression and tragic death might have been avoided and how others who suffer with chronic depression may find relief so to save them from such a sad and needless future.
Severe depression is a trait I see in many pain sufferers when they first seek my help. The most obvious reason is that they live 24/7 in chronic physical pain. But there’s another reason, far less obvious, that these pain sufferers are deeply depressed.

Many chronic pain sufferers have a forward head position and a divergency or malposition of their atlas (1st cervical vertebrae). From what I have seen in Robin Williams’ photos, he has both.

A forward head position can compromise the blood flow to the brain by compressing the carotid and/or vertebral arteries. This can have a decisive impact on your thinking and mood, making you feel quite depressed.

An atlas divergency creates a head tilt. This head tilt can compress the vagal nerve and results in a dominant sympathetic nervous system. If you have both a forward head position and an atlas divergency this can create havoc on your nervous system, making it sympathetic dominant.
One of the telltale signs of a dominant sympathetic nervous system is mental and physical hyperactivity – being ‘wired’, which Robin Williams displayed to the nth degree.
Most of us have active minds and many of us can think of four subjects at the same time. But if you have a dominant sympathetic nervous system you probably have a mind that just won’t stop, won’t relax for a minute and continually drives you crazy. You won’t be able to sleep and can become so exhausted that you’re delusional.

Because a dominant sympathetic nervous system creates these terrible symptoms that never let up, many sufferers start to feel that it’s all hopeless. Chronic depression sets in.
Robin Williams’ severe depression was in all probability multi-factorial. I’m not suggesting that the mal-position of his atlas and forward head position resulted in Robin Williams taking his life. But I am suggesting that the postural distortional pattern in his head and neck did significantly impact his emotional wellbeing.

I’m also suggesting that if his head and neck were in an optimal position, he would have had less depression, his thinking would have been considerably clearer and so he might not have committed suicide.

Robin Williams’ Depression And Tragic Death Is Common Amongst People Who Have A Forward Head Position And A Divergent Atlas

To date I have not seen any published studies linking the position of the head and neck to the incidence of depression and suicide. But my comments are based on my research and many years of treating patients who have postural distortions and concurrently exhibit various degrees of depression. Often these patients have thoughts of committing suicide. I have also noticed, while treating them, that as their postural distortions decrease, their state of emotional wellbeing increases. My patients often notice it, too.

It is my hope that the medical profession starts looking at postural distortions as being a major cause of depression and sometimes suicide, and that, instead of relying on pharmacological interventions (mood elevators) they start treating these symptoms by permanently correcting the posture. Meanwhile, let us all remember Robin Williams as the comic genius and lovable actor that he was.”

Robin Williams was such a wonderful comic. I will never forget my first experience of watching Mork and Mindy, and wondering who this crazy, talented guy was. And then, Good Morning Vietnam made me a fan. Such a tragic end to a great comic’s life. The article above illustrates how any misalignments in the spine may create such significant changes to emotional and physical well-being. It is my mission in life to educate and help my patients to achieve the best health that they can; it would be my pleasure to give you the gift of full health.

Wishing you happiness always – give me a call, have a chat,

Dr Surinder Sandhu.

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