7 Reasons to See A Chiropractor Dr Sandu Part 6 of 7

Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Those that use chiropractic care regularly recommend it highly for a variety of reasons. Here are the seven best reasons to find a chiropractor when you aren’t feeling your very best. Dr. Sandhu seven part series explains the benefits you can experience and why you see him.

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Part SIX – Accident recovery

Chiropractic Helps With Injuries Due to Accidents Chiropractic is beneficial in treating various injuries such as sprains, pulled muscles, and joint problems due to auto, sports, work, and everyday injuries.

The most common injuries due to accidents are:
Whiplash Lower back misalignment Upper back and neck misalignment
Repetitive motion injuries.
Whiplash is the sudden movement that causes distortions to the neck. whiplash-injury
This type of sudden movement often happens during a car crash, even one at very low speeds. Although you may not initially feel any pain, the vertebrae that move out of place will eventually cause problems with the nerves and cause you pain from misalignment or subluxations.
Medical doctors prescribe pain meds and bed rest for whiplash, which may be good for a day or two, but not for the long run.
There is no way to remain in bed indefinitely nor is it possible to function regularly on pain medications. A Chiropractor will help you with the cause of the problem rather than help you manage the symptoms.
Lower back misalignment can happen suddenly or over a long period of time. For instance, you can improperly lift something heavy resulting in immediate back pain, or you can simply have poor posture that results in back pain over time. The misalignment causes subluxations that can be corrected using chiropractic.  Lower back pain is made up of several different low back problems including: Vertebral subluxations Injured discs Muscle strain Ligament sprain Scoliosis Sciatica And more.
The ability to correct injuries holds true for the upper back and neck as well. Repetitive Motion Injuries are a fast growing source of pain in the United States often associated with the workplace, particularly sitting at a computer terminal for long periods of time. Repetitive motion injuries cause less oxygen to get into the muscles and this causes scar tissue to develop. Chiropractic releases the subluxations causing the pain.So, whether your pain is from a car accident or merely sitting incorrectly at work, chiropractic is away for you to feel better fast.

If you live move, or breathe, you should have a Doctor of Chiropractic as a member of your personal healthcare team.  Why would the fastest man on the planet ?

You do not have to be the fastest on the planet to get the benefits

You do not have to be the fastest on the planet to get the benefits


Love, Health, Peace, Prosperity & Time Freedom, 
Dr Surinder P. Sandhu
0044 7947793830


“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate” 

– Dr. Wayne Dyer



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